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Ok, I forgot to mention that I THINK… that’s THINK… as in about 90% sure… that I got the job with XTEN out in LA. Shit’s really crazy with them, they just got profiled by a film crew from PBS for a documentary on young up-and-coming architects, three firms nationwide got picked and they’re one. Also, their latest project got an article done on it by Domus, the legendary Italian architecture mag. that’s MAJOR cred points. But they’re too busy with their current projects to make growth plans. Things are way crazy. So with all that they know they don’t have room for me until at least the end of the month. but Austin, the guy I know said that he’d call when they were ready for me. I guess (aka hope and pray for a miracle) that I’m in. shit, bet I just jinxed it. I really, REALLY wanna work for these guys.
anyway, I’m still trying to find out from the firm I worked for in Indy last summer if I can come back to them for 4 or 5 weeks. that’d be cool. I’d be surfing Sarah’s couch, but that’s an acceptable lifestyle, considering I’d be drawing a paycheck.
Oh yeah, I also had coffee and a wonderful time tonight with Jess, this girl I met @ the buzz the night I got back. she’s way cool, supercute (she looks like helen hunt, not that I have a thing for helen hunt, but she’s cute…) and really interesting to talk to. She also likes Ayn Rand. Major plus in my book.

time to go edify myself and read Umberto Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum.” Really cool thus far. Lotsa stuff on my mind, though. expect more from me after I get back from Muncie on Sunday. current topics of though: secret societies, luther blisett, randomness and geography, women, punk rock, and old crusty. ok. I’m off.

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