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The city of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, near which I live is the second oldest town in Indiana, on a 1-10 scale of cool that comes in around 5 to me. It is also the home of three notable things.
First, the Argosy riverboat casino. not very impressive aside from the fact that it is the largest floating casino in the world. yeah, notable, but not very impressive.
It is also the home of another unimpressive thing, the municipal waste processing plant (sewage. yum!). As you can imagine, the place smells like um… shit. Boring and gross, but it’s part of the story.
The third thing is sorta cool. Lawrenceburg is home to the Seagrams distillery. You know, seagrams? bad gin, seagrams 7, all that average priced booze… Yeah, well they have a really cool looking turn of the century factory made up of multiple huge and imposing brick structures. These things (there are three or four readily visible from US 50) are all 150+ feet high, and about 250 ft. long and wide in plan, they have tiny windows, so they look like some industrial revolution Monolith. If you saw it, you’d think it was cool. [For those of you familiar with the Tate Gallery in London (an old power plant, now a modern art gallery) it’s sorta like that, only bigger and dirtier.] it’s neat. Oh, and the smell of the barley and wheat malting mixes with the odoriferous smell of the steam expelled from the distilling thingies themselves. It smells wonderful and hearty and really yummy.
So picture this. Here in our area, the wind blows from the west. The sewage plant is due south across US 50 from the seagrams distillery. Both are a little west of downtown Lawrenceburg. Since the city is in a river valley, the wind is a constant slight breeze, and these smells get carried quite well far into downtown Lawrenceburg.
But see, the funny thing is that due to the proximity of these two places to the city, if the wind is coming oh-so slightly from the northwest, the whole city smells like wonderful seagrams malted barley and wheat and all that. and if it’s coming just as oh-so slightly from the southeast, the whole city smells like human feces. And that’s the way it’s been since long before I was born.
So imagine walking out your door one day, and suddenly wanting a drink because of the really nice seagrams smell. And then a little later, walking out and wanting a drink because the sewage odor caused you to retch on your front lawn. It’s a strange, strange place I live in. And frankly, that’s one of the things that makes it fun.

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