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Okay, I was gone upstate for a few days. going up for what I thought was going to be a raging weekend with hundreds of academy grads descending on the ghost town of Muncie, IN, and what instead turned out to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

I did get to hang out with shay, one of the coolest guys in the world-and one of my best friends of all time.

Sarah (whom I stayed with for 2 1/2 days) was a total fucking downer. She’s changed alot since winter break, and she’s not the same person at all as she was before she dropped out of college two years ago. She’s settled for an okay boyfriend (who is really good to her), a shitty job, a suitcase full of unrealizable dreams, and a general ability to gloss over how uninteresting and unfulfilling her life is. The chance that she’ll ever be what there was once the promise of in her maniacal laugh grows weaker by the day.

two nights ago (after hanging with shay in muncie) we looked up sarah’s & my old friend mollie beth. we hung out with her and her professional wrestler boyfriend, chris (who turned out to be really cool). and drank at this awesome bar called the Heorot. 60+ beers on tap and 150+ in bottles. amazing. and really, really fun. If you ever get a chance, have an “Old Crusteacean”- it’s a beer by this brewery in KY called Rogue. it doesn’t taste too horrible and it’s 18% alcohol. the shit straight fucks you up.

then I hung with Jed and Dan May and the crew for a day. really good to see dan and brian, and john (lookin’ good, sweet cheeks!) and the rest. It was good to drink with dan, something that always happens when we hang out.

In other news, John set up a hotornot account with a picture of me from Julie’s site, just to see how it’d do. 7.2 . Not bad. hotter than 68% of all guys on there.

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