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I thank god you haven’t
named my generation yet.
That leaves us free.
We’re the first generation
already (by 25) lost
to drugs. More than Gen X
we don’t know what we want
or where it is.
So we keep moving
in search of something.
Raised in coffeeshops
living in bars.
Splitting the bottle-
yours and ours.
Motion blurs the fact
we have so little,
keeps us from noticing
that there was nothing
left for us
before we were born.
Still we do remarkably
with what little we have.
Making worlds
with our thoughts,
capitalizing on the time
we have left.
spelling out our names
in the stars as we drive
across the country.
It will only get us
so far.
I’m sure any of us
would trade you
some of our youth
for some of your wealth
Just make an offer.
Not many of us can refuse.

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