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The place is filling well tonight.
The hounds sniffing for love-
something to do – nothing at all.
We just sit and laugh
at cocaine eyes looking
for the other half
of the speedball.
Heroin is no good to us,
too crisp – muddy-
pristine – unclean.
We stalk and we pounce like
Tear yourself away from the show,
come with us.
All your dreams are ours-
lies – lives – memories-
Now you’re messing with the
Booze – caffeine – nicotine.
Denim Demons in heat.
Three years ago we were you.
Today we’re the kids
your mother warned you about.
Now we’re dangerous and eloquent,
grinning like ringmasters gone mad.
We’re the best and the brightest
glowing like chrome in the dark
a lighter after the spark
But with knives in our pockets-
cellphones – car keys – pens.
We’ll rearrange your priorities
and cut off your loose ends.

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