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goin’ to bed, I think. just got back from canters. well, more specificially after Jed and I left, we started driving around looking for neon crosses. I passed out somewhere in the middle of beverly hills. we found one. Jed was unsuccessful in finding more.
speaking of goth kids, I realized tonight that being all dark and “goth” is the one thing teens have to rebel with, because rock used to scare parents real good, and then it became institutionalized. the rock and roll hall of fame is the biggest sham ever. then punk sent em screamin again. but since punk died as a viable revolt, it’s become more and more popular in the mainstream. so now the only stuff that’ll scare parents is dumb heavy / brooding music of the night and the accompanying ethos. little do parents know that it is actually not socially dangerous. but boy does it make em nervous when they have to pass by them in the food court.

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