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girls on my mind: karen, wonderful karen. Jenn, who I’ve liked for three years, although I only hung out with her second semester freshman year and this semester. Sarah back home, although I don’t have a crush on her.
and my beautiful, amazing friend kisha. damn her. she’s in london. and I’m not. I want her to buy me a west ham jersey (I think I want kanoute, since that’ll probably be cheap soon, seeing as there are bigger fish than west ham that want him), an arsenal shirt, and a now all but relegated Coventry. I think gordon strachan is really cool, thus his team (as doomed as they may be) is cool as well…
back to girls. milla, finnish chick I met a week ago. way cute and nice. don’t know much about her.

ain’t it funny that things I don’t even really have time to talk about with my friends I’d put up here for a whole bunch of strangers will see. funny, huh?


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