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okay, hey y’all. this is the boring part.
I swear I’ll have cool stuff to write about later.

woah, I wonder how many people draw a parallel between this and doogie howser’s stupid computer diary?

anyway, here’s the deal with me.
about to finish 3rd year of U So. Cal Architecture school.
from cincinnati, OH.
came here to get the hell out of the midwest and see more of the world.
it’s been a blast and has sucked alot at the same time…
I listen to good music.
Lookout! style pop punk
weird norwegian rock like turbonegro and gluecifer
rancid, op ivy,
old school american stuff
stooges, ramones etcetera.

If I ever ask you what kind of music you listen to, don’t say “oh, all kinds…” That’s liars bullshit. that means you listen to all kinds of pop. there is good pop, but that’s not all the music there is in the world.

go to
That’s where I am right now, my radio show…
listen to it.

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